Conscious Connected Breathwork


Conscious Connected Breathwork (somatic, therapeutic breathwork group session) 6.30pm – 8pm, groups are kept purposely small to ensure a responsible container is held. Ruth is trained, insured and accredited. 

An immersive evening of pure release and healing with specialist conscious connected breathwork, against a carefully curated sound track, ending with a short crystal healing sound bath to soothe.

Be expertly guided to practice conscious connected breathwork, by a trained and insured breathwork practitioner. Please note, conscious connected breathwork is not the same type of pranayama/yogic breath you may have experienced at a yoga class, this is a therapeutic and powerful circular breathwork technique, allowing you to reconnect back to your body, releasing any underlying tension you may be holding onto. Participants are given the space and support needed to understand how to down regulate. This experience is different for everyone and also varies each time you practice. Many times, the feeling of complete euphoria floods the body and leaves us feeling beautifully balanced. Those who experience an emotional release are supported with aftercare practices and have access to the FREE Reset Well-being private members group on facebook, providing resources for further growth.

The breathwork is set against a beautiful playlist and will end with a rebalancing sound bath – bathed by the sound of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, the Chinese Chau Gong and elemental Koshi Chimes.

Held at the Reset Well-being Hub 120 Holton Road, Barry CF63 4HH. Park in Court Rd multistorey carpark

This is a releasing form of breathwork, a space for you to disconnect from the outside noise and reconnect to YOU – as such, only appropriate photos and videos will be taken at the start of the session, no footage will ever be taken of you releasing emotion, or during a personal process. Reset prides itself on working as safely as possible, with responsible and ethical practices. 

Conscious Connected Breathwork is not suitable for individuals in their first trimester of pregnancy, those who have epilepsy, have had recent surgeries, glaucoma, high blood pressure or heart conditions. Please consult a healthcare professional before participating if you fall under any of the above categories and ensure you fill in the form fully, upon booking. If sold out, the group size will only ever be ten guests. Please do not eat a meal for at least one hour before the session. A small snack like a banana is great, if you’re feeling peckish!

Parking can be found in Court Road multistorey car park, or in the car park behind Barry Library. The Reset Well-being Hub is located next door to The Card Factory, inside and upstairs of the shop called Chocolate Orange Interiors. You will be let into the main entrance and shown upstairs, please bear in mind that the door will lock and be left unattended at the start time of the session, for the session to start promptly. There will be no way of contacting Ruth after the start time of the session, so please arrive ten minutes before the session. If you are late, you will not be able to access the session and it will be fully charged as per the terms and conditions of all bookings. Group Reset bookings are non-refundable. 

If you would like to host your own private group session, please contact Ruth 

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The 60 Minute Sound Bath group session 6.45pm – 7.45pm (1 hour)
Held upstairs in Sky Spa Wellness Centre, Barry High Street CF627DZ groups are never more than 12 people
An immersive and healing sound experience, allowing you to fully relax whilst being bathed by the sound of the powerful Chinese Chau Gong, crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, tuning forks and percussion.
Starting and ending with a short breathwork guided meditation.
All mats, cushions and blankets are provided, please just bring your own drink.
Thursday 16th February (sold out)
Saturday 18th March (10 places left)
Thursday 20th April (12 spaces left for the others)
Thursday 18th May
If you would like to host your own private sound bath, please contact Ruth (link to my chat/email)

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Wednesday 22nd May 2024, Wednesday 12th June 2024

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